Women, Work & Capitalism - Talk & discussion!
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Date(s) - Tue 10 November
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Robin Hood



Join us for this talk and discussion with Bristol CF’s Susan Newman!

The government’s cuts to Working Tax Credits will hit women the hardest – just like their other cruel cutbacks to services, benefits and communities…

And right now women are under fire too in their Trade Unions (of which 55% members are women) too, with the draconian TU Bill – which attacks the right to strike and organise – moving to a final reading in parliament.

But recent years’ struggles against austerity, war, racism, eviction, discrimination and gendered violence, have shown that women across the UK and globally are organising in often huge numbers and fighting back in powerful movements against these interrelated forms of oppression.

So does overcoming gender oppression – including inequality at work – mean simply a campaign (or a party!) for greater representation in the ‘realms of power’? Or is the former, in fact, something upon which the system depends for its very existence Might defeating this oppression, like other forms, have to mean defeating capitalism itself?

We look forward to a vibrant and open discussion as always!