Walking Towards Conflict: A One-day Restorative Circles Overview with Dominic Barter - Frome, Somerset, UK
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Date(s) - Sat 30 January
All Day

Rook Lane Chapel, Fome



10am-6.30pm: Walking Towards Conflict: One-Day Restorative

Circles Overview, with Dominic Barter

Saturday 30th January, Rook Lane Chapel, Frome


In this dynamic one-day presentation, Dominic Barter will share his groundbreaking work re-visioning how we respond to conflict in our lives. He will present the key elements of a restorative system, focusing on the evolution and practice of Restorative Circles, and their application to diverse areas of our personal and collective lives. We will look at how conflict can help us develop community, feed innovation, understand change and strengthen the social bonds that reveal our shared humanity. Through hands-on exploration of key concepts, grounded in a step by-step process and illustrated by real world examples, we’ll experience the use of this resource in our own family, work, group, school, justice and social contexts


Restorative Circles:

Restorative Circles developed with an understanding that conflict is a regular and necessary part of our social life, offering us vital feedback on the well being of our agreements and relationships. Walking towards, rather than seeking to avoid or control, conflict supports us develop the listening required to foster deeper and more resilient connection. This in turn provides a basis on which sustainable efforts for change depend.


Restorative Circles are a community process for supporting those in conflict. Bringing together those impacted within a chosen systemic context, to dialogue as equals. The conversation is facilitated by community members. Participants invite each other and attend voluntarily. The process ends when actions have been found that bring mutual benefit.


Begun in the shantytown favelas of Rio de Janeiro 20 years ago this work is now active in almost 30 countries around the world, from families in North America to nomadic communities in Africa, activist groups in South America and family courts in Asia. Whether we seek to build sustainable community, create a healthier personal or professional life, develop a fairer and more effective justice system or improve social justice and measure well-being, Restorative Circles provide a versatile and practical process for empathic dialogue and transformative action.


Dominic Barter:

Dominic Barter develops social technologies to promote dialogue, partnership and social policy. He was active in the development of Restorative Circles in Rio de Janeiro, was training programme director for the Brazilian Restorative Justice pilot projects, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education, and continues to work with communities on developing restorative systems, most recently with striking students in Brazil and institutions in South Korea, Senegal and France. Dominic was a long-term student and colleague of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and served as president of the Board of Directors for the international Center for Nonviolent Communication.


For more info please visit www.restorativecircles.org Restorative Circles or Dominic Barter on Facebook or follow @RestoraCircles on Twitter.

Financial Contribution:

These events are not charged. Information on the costs involved, both for the event and the well being of those offering it, are instead shared with all participants during the event and they are offered a way to contribute financially, by cash or cheque, to meeting those costs. In this way we practice community self-reliance, increase access for all who wish and align with the community origins of the work.


When choosing what to contribute we ask that you are mindful of your situation and resources and how you can support the wider sharing of this work; and to consider the sustainability of those involved, the work that has gone into developing these tools, organising the event and the reality of the financial system that we are working within, especially when developments such as Restorative Circles come from the margins of the global south.


The intention is to create an experience of inclusivity and shared responsibility, as within Restorative Circles themselves. We hope handling the finances in this way fosters an experience of co-creation and supports each of us to develop awareness of power and choice in our daily living.



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