Speak Easy Story Slam: Secrets
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Date(s) - Wed 25 November
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Arts House Cafe



Speak Easy is a Story Slam where people share true stories from their lives.

Our storytellers for the night will come from our audience. Anyone can put their name in the hat, and if it is pulled out they tell us a 5-minute story about the theme. No one has to tell a story!


Our theme for the night is: secrets

Tell us the secrets you never thought you would dare to share.

Expect stories of affairs, lies and cover-ups. Of confessions, coming clean, and making amends.

A night of true stories about deception.


How it works:

There’s a suggested entrance fee of £4

7.45: SIGN UP
If you would like to tell a story at the main event, put your name in the Speak Easy hat. (No one has to!)

8.00 – 10:00: STORYTIME
We pull names from the hat at random, and whoever’s name is pulled tells us a 5 minute story from their life! We laugh, we cry, we drink, we hear another one!


The stories have to follow a few rules:

1. We want to hear *stories*! No rants, standup routines or monologues. We want a beginning middle and end (not necessarily in that order), and some change and conflict to occur.

2. It must be under 5 minutes

3. It has to be true (that time that you and Ghengis Khan went on a whirlwind adventure and loved and learned and cried? Not going to cut it.)

4. Genuinely 1st person. (None of this ‘this crazy thing happened to my friend’s friend’ stuff, who cares about that?)

5. No notes. This is about the good ol’ fashioned art of storytelling. Tell it to us like we’re round a campfire, it’ll be perfect.

The rules are just there to make sure we get to hear as many awesome stories as possible. They’re not meant to be restricting, so if you’re unsure about anything just send us a message or shout at us in the street.

The event will be taking place in the absolutely lovely cafe ‘The Arts House’, in Stoke Croft. They sell a whole range of tasty drinks and snacks.