Sacred Moon ~ Women's Circle of Wisdom
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Date(s) - Sun 10 April
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Yanley Court Complementary Therapy Centre



~~~ It’s about bloody time! ~~~
For Women to come together and take time for themselves.


A Sacred Moon ~ Women’s Circle of Wisdom is a safe place for ALL Women to come together and take time for themselves. It’s a place where Women can come together with open eyes, heart and mind. To enter a space with a non-judgemental viewpoint and to be open to a change of perception. The circle is a place to connect and honour each other, to be really heard without having the need to fix anything and to make room for our feelings, to support each other, to be nourished, to belong and to empower ourselves in today’s society.

What happens at A Sacred Moon

Discover the feminine truths and roots and what real Sisterhood means. We will learn about ancient, long forgotten wisdom about women’s health and cycles and relationships. There will be sharing of stories and emotions, meditation and we will make dreams and express ourselves creatively. There will be opportunity to, share our wisdom, cry and laugh and to jointly create a safe place in our community. It’s a place of belonging for ALL Women, a place to remember, re-ignite and celebrate the Womanhood and learn to live the Beauty Way. This will be a space to energise socially and rest.

In each circle we will use a talking bowl. What is a talking bowl? We use a bowl as it represents the Feminine and only the Woman holding it is allowed to talk without being interrupted. Later on, we will also use a Sacred Cushion, where in each circle a Woman can choose to sit on it to share her story of Womanhood journey, poem or anything else they wish to share. There will be also introduction and discussion on different women’s topics, women’s and moon cycle, relationships, family topics, how to live the Beauty Way and many more. We will have a short meditation, followed by different creative crafts (from painting, dancing, clay modelling, writing, etc.). After closing the circle we will share simple homemade food, so please bring some with you. Why homemade? Because the energy of nourishment shows that we take time to prepare food for our Sisters.

The Exchange

The exchange for this one is £8 to cover the cost of hire and materials. Sacred Moon circle is for every Woman, if this exchange is too high for you, please let me know and we can arrange a different energy exchange (i.e. coming early to help me set up or staying late to help me clear up, etc.).

The remainder of the money after paying for the materials will be saved the community pot to cover the cost of future events / workshops / etc.

This will be a regular monthly circle close to New Moon. The New Moon is often a time for sowing the seeds of intentions for what to manifest later as the moon waxes. The moon cycles are an ancient way for Women to connect and we use this as our connection time each month.

What to bring

Bring with you some healthy, light homemade food.

To confirm your are coming along, please give me a call on 07748 022 067 or email me on