Picket of Byron Burgers - Solidarity with Migrant Workers
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Date(s) - Sat 6 August
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Byron Burgers, The Triangle



Meet 6.45pm Saturday outsdie Bristol Museum, we’ll picket Byron from 7pm! Bring Flags, Banners, Placards, Friends and Noise!

A couple of us will be making placards 7pm Thursday upstairs in the art room at Kebele Social Centre, come join us if you want to help. 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JZ

The Byron Burgers chain tricked dozens of their London workers into attending a fake meeting, the result of which was many of them being detained and deported.

After the story broke in Spanish language newspaper El Iberico a number of groups and unions with Byron worker members have organised and called for action against Byron. These workers had been at Byron for upto 4 years, helping to earn millions in profits for the investment fund owners and their offshore companies. These same owners were quick to jump at the chance to throw them under the bus to save their own skins.

We need to stand together with ALL workers, no matter where they are from. This is how we improve the lives of ordinary people, by fighting back against the corporate owners who drive down wages, dodge taxes and rip us off daily.

Join us on Saturday 6th (time and starting location TBC) when we show that we won’t take attacks like this lying down!

Workers, Unemployed, Retired, Migrants & Mischevious types all very very welcome, no need to just stick to the picket plan 🙂

Demonstration jointly called by Bristol Anarchist Federation & Bristol Solidarity Federation. If you want to help plan, prepare and organise get in touch!

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