Mixing anarchy with alcohol - a recipe for disaster?
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Date(s) - Mon 30 November
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Kebele social centre



A facilitated, first-time, exploratory workshop – ‘Mixing alcohol with anarchy – a recipe for disaster?’ takes place during Mellow Mondays on 30th November at Kebele social centre during NovemberFest. In the cafe Mellow Mondays means tea, cake, chat, books to read, board games to play. In the events room the workshop – talk & discussion – starts at 7.30pm. Come to either or both.

‘Mixing Alcohol with Anarchy – a Recipe for Disaster?’
Ever thought about the role alcohol plays within our societies? Have you sometimes questioned its place within our anarchist communities? Come to Kebele this Monday to delve into a highly political but rarely discussed issue.

Some of the questions to be posed are: Can a space be safe with alcohol? Can we be ready to react when we’re intoxicated? How has alcohol damaged our communities and others? Does alcohol fit into anarchist thinking? Can we really have fun without booze? This facilitated discussion will be an opportunity to talk, listen and think in a relaxed and non-judgmental space about a commonly consumed but potentially disruptive product.

All are welcome, whatever your drinking or non-drinking status. But please respect the seriousness of the issue and do not bring alcohol to the meeting.

For a challenging and thought-provoking read to warm-up for the meeting try this – ‘Anarchy & Alcohol‘ – an 18 page pdf from Crimethinc. More pre-reading on the FB event page.