Lobby of Bristol City Council Cabinet - No to George Ferguson's 'Iceberg of Cuts'!!!
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Date(s) - Tue 1 September
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm




Victory Against Library Closures

Now let’s stop the cuts in hours and jobs!

The success in stopping the closure of 6 of the 7 threatened libraries by the campaigns of the local communities affected as well as BADACA and others is stage one of the campaign. It shows that we can beat the austerity parties and their Mayor. However the Mayor has warned that the library service cuts are the ‘tip of an iceberg’ of new deeper cuts he is planning to inflict on us.


There will be another lobby of the Cabinet meeting on September 1st, 5pm onwards at @Bristol Science Centre, Anchor Road, Bristol BS1 5DB, calling on all of the parties that make up the Austerity Cabinet to vote against any and all the cuts in the library budget – these will lead to up to one third loss in library jobs, cuts in hours of opening and other services.

We call on the Councillors to resign from the Austerity Cabinet. We want anti austerity Councillors that will use the reserves, to give time to build a Bristol wide mass campaign against the cuts, demanding the government stops its attack on the people of Bristol. If Councillors, are not willing to carry out an anti austerity campaign, then they should stand aside for those anti austerity candidates that will.