In Whose Name?
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Date(s) - Sat 14 March
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Colston's Girls' School



A public event which aims to challenge religious misconceptions portrayed by the media. Brought to

you by a team of young students who are passionate about educating the community on media bias.

Come along on the 14th of March to Colston’s Girls’ School to have your say and express your

personal opinion as well as debate and converse with our chosen speakers. Including Darren Hall

(Green Party Candidate), Shaykh Waheed Shah (an Islamic speaker) and many other speakers. You

can come along to play your part in developing community cohesion in Bristol as well as raising

awareness in light of current events, for example the Paris attacks and the worrying backlash which

followed after, which has caused division between communities. Clarify and challenge your view in

an open and friendly environment through interactive workshops with FREE FOOD.