How to Survive Disability Benefit (Capitalism: a Survival Guide)
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Date(s) - Tue 23 May
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Trinity Centre



Over the past seven years the government has practically declared war on those with disabilities, long term illnesses or any other conditions that make life difficult. Support services that enabled us to work or live normal lives have been stripped away. At the same time the politicians and their media lackeys label us ‘lazy’ and ‘scroungers’. Surviving on Employment Support Allowance (ESA) means navigating an intentionally brutal bureaucracy coupled with a culture of disbelief. It also means making it through the dreaded Work Capability Assessments, that have contributed to the deaths of hundreds of people declared ‘fit to work’.

Making it through all this is often damaging to our health. It can be stressful, isolating, anxiety inducing, and seems setup to create the sort of ‘mistakes’ that can leave people penniless. It doesn’t always have to be this way! We can come together to support each other through the processes. We’ll be sharing knowledge, tips and tricks to making it through ESA and look at ways we can join together to confront the system head on.

This should be of use to anyone who is on ESA and/or related benefits such as PIP or supporting someone who is. Please be aware this is a skill share and there won’t be time for folks to offer comprehensive advice on individual cases (although we can help direct you to places that offer further support).

Trinity is a very accessible venue, details are here: If you have any accessibility needs beyond those listed please contact either the venue or ourselves

As always this event is free to attend, but donations to help cover room hire are appreciated. Hot & Cold drinks & snacks will be available to keep you going. We’ll also have some anarchist pamphlets, papers, magazines and stickers some for free/donation and others for a few quid. Keep an eye out for future events, including our monthly Capitalism: a Survival Guide workshops!

Please remember that whilst we encourage debate of ideas, we do not tolerate attacks on individuals; especially in a way that uses oppressive or threatening behaviour. Whilst we are not at Hydra this month, we’ll still stick to their safer spaces policy which you can read here :