FILM: Threatened Forests
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Date(s) - Mon 17 October
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Monday 17th October

FILM: Threatened Forests

The UK is pumping huge subsidies into biomass power stations in an effort to meet its obligations under the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Most such power plants will burn wood pellets, which are falsely classified by EU regulations as being carbon neutral, even though the UK government’s own analysis shows that burning biomass can be worse for greenhouse gas emissions than burning fossil fuels.

Filmmaker Benoit Grimont made this documentary because he was struck by the regional opposition, socio-economic and environmental impacts caused by the development of a large scale biomass electricity installation in Gardanne, southern France. He investigated and discovered the implications of using wood for the production of bioenergy as a “green energy”. Speaking to academics, politicians, communities and activists in France and the UK, he then found his way to the United States, where much of the wood that is used for electricity production in the EU is imported. In this film, he shows that the renewable energy heavily supported by EU countries, is everything but ‘green’ or good for the climate.

One biomass plant alone, Drax, which is converting half its burners to biomass, will burn 1.5 times as much wood as the UK produces in total every year. To find enough high quality wood to burn, UK power plants have turned to the southern USA, where highly biodiverse hardwood forests are being cleared and the wood made into pellets to be shipped to Europe. The UK is the biggest importer of wood pellets in Europe, making it a key contributor to forest destruction in the USA.

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