Film: Ciutat Morta (Dead City) - the 4F case from Barcelona
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Date(s) - Sun 8 March
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Kebele social centre



8th March Film at Kebele: Ciutat Morta (Dead City) – 2hrs, in Spanish with english subtitles

800 people illegally occupy an old movie theater in Barcelona in order to screen a documentary. They rename the old building after a girl who committed suicide in 2011: Cinema Patricia Heras. Who was that girl? Why did she kill herself and what does the city have to do with it? That’s exactly what the squatting action is about: letting everyone know the truth about one of the worse corruption cases in Barcelona, the dead city…

Ciutat Morta (Dead City) is a documentary about the case known as 4F, one of the most controversial cases of police, judicial and governmental corruption experienced in Barcelona in the last years. The case perfectly illustrates the common practices of scapegoating and torturing and the widespread racism within the law enforcement institutions in the Spanish State.

On February 4th, 2006, a flowerpot was thrown from a squat (owned by the City Council) in which a party was taking place, seriously wounding a police agent. The City Council and the police, in view of the impossibility of finding out who had thrown the flowerpot, decided to mount a case blaming innocent people who were not in the house and some not even in the vicinity. As a result,

Álex Cisternas and Juan Pintos were given 2 years in preventive custody and another 2 years in prison with home leave.
Rodrigo Lanza spent 7 years in prison.
Patricia Heras spent 2 months in prison and 4 months in 3rd grade, until April 26th 2011 when she committed suicide.

All the defendants were brutally tortured to try to make them confess for crimes they did not commit. The two police officers who testified, Victor Bayona and Bakari Samyang, were convicted in 2011 of torturing Yuri Jardine – a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago – and perverting the course of justice.

2 Articles on the 4F case:
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There have been some critiques of the film from an anarchist perspectve, which you can pick up on from the comments in this article.
Film showing at Kebele social centre, from around 7/7.30pm, on Sunday 8 March.

Its a benefit for Spanish Anarchist Prisoners so please donate what you can!