Bristol People's Question Time feat. Ken Loach and Malia Bouattia
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Date(s) - Thu 23 March
7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

Aquarium Theatre @Bristol



– Ken Loach (Film director)
– Malia Bouattia (NUS President)
– Hibaq Jama (Councillor for Lawrence Hill)
– Cleo Lake (Councillor for Cotham)
– Giles Fraser (Journalist & Broadcaster)
– John Rees (The People’s Assembly)

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7pm, Thursday 23rd March, Aquarium Theatre (Former IMAX), Anchor Rd, Bristol BS1 5TT. *MORE INFO BELOW*

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It has been 9 months full of unexpected events; the political landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Brexit has been hugely divisive and has created a dynamic and unpredictable situation, whilst evidence shows austerity is biting harder than ever in spite of Tory nonchalance, and the NHS crisis is causing huge uncertainty and anger.

Our (un-elected) prime minster and her cabinet clearly have no real plan. One thing is for sure if the last 6 years are anything to go by, if the Tories are left to handle Brexit negotiations on their own, we’ll see a deal that suits the bankers, the bosses and the corporations. The same can be said for their plans for the NHS and trade relations with Donald Trump’s new government, whose hugely damaging racism they’ve failed to call out.

What should we be demanding from the government that means Brexit is negotiated in the interests of the people, our NHS is returned to being a well-running public insitution and soaring inequality and falling living standards are ended?

However you voted in the EU referendum, we need to put pressure on the Tories to ensure they don’t use Brexit and the destruction of the NHS as a way of increasing attacks on the majority, continuing austerity, whipping up racist divisions in our community and scapegoating immigrants.

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