It hasn’t taken long for the Reverend Marvin Rees to fit snugly into the expensively tailored top pocket of his new £1k a day CAMBRIDGE EDUCATED PUBLIC SCHOOLBOY Chief Executive, Stephen “OAP” Hughes has it?It’s like the pair are fronting some awful late night cable channel comedy show with nosediving ratings as they rollout more and more DISMAL AND INCOHERENT sketches on the theme of local authority cuts.The clueless joined-at-the-hip municipal couple have so ... more
    2 hours ago
  • We are hiring – Events Internship for International Women’s Day!
      Bristol Women’s Voice is currently advertising for an Events Internship to support our organisation plan and deliver a city-wide event for International Women’s Day. The role is suitable for someone with a passion for women’s rights with an interest in event and project management. The role is for between one and three days per week […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    12 hours ago
  • Post-Brexit bedfellows, and a story from Bahrain
    A couple of years  ago, I worked on the Amnesty campaign to free Mahdi Abu Dheeb, a trade union activist arrested in Bahrain in 2011 following the Arab Spring uprising for organising a strike.  Under arrest, he was allegedly tortured by the regime and held in solitary confinement which in itself constitutes a form of torture. As part of the campaign, I interviewed his young daughter Maryam. She remains one ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    1 day ago
  • A Bit Pisco Sour
    We passed an interesting, enjoyable, if rather hot, long weekend in Pisco at the end of November. Some 300km south of Lima, Pisco has 3 main claims to fame: the Peruvian national drink is a cocktail named Pisco Sour; Pisco was a site of importance in the fight for independence from Spanish colonial rule in the early 1820’s; and sadly, more recently it was the town worst hit by a ... more
    Zero to thirty three
    3 days ago
  • Hungary: refugee given 10 year sentence for rebellion at Röszke border crossing
     (Reposted from rabble) On Wednesday, a court in Szeged, Hungary, sentenced Ahmed H. to 10 years’ imprisonment plus expulsion for the unrest at the Röszke/Horgos border crossing in September 2015. Ahmed is a Syrian refugee. He was convicted of ‘terrorism’ and ‘illegal border crossing’, and given a 10 year sentence for having been seen using a megaphone and throwing stones. The reality is that they needed to ... more
    Bristol ABC
    4 days ago
  • Second Thoughts
    Ah, one month ago was a simpler, more innocent time, wasn’t it?  The total destruction of the human species was more of a theoretical, potential problem.  Instead of something we are racing toward, either gleefully or with an air of defeated resignation, depending on political inclination.  Anyway, whether you are experiencing the giddy thrill of “change”, wistfully staring out of the window, thinking about the freedoms you hitherto took for ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    6 days ago
  • The Promise of Hiroshima
    It was all so beautiful.Mathematics could dissect reality itself,Complex, and finely balanced,A logan rock that moves with just a touch,and through these mysterieswe came to understandthe energy constrained within a grain of sand.Infinitesimal becomesunbounded power. One plane, one flashOne whole town gone to dust.Nothing except a few skeletal linesSome shadow where a man had been.Silence, apart from screams.For some, that was success.And this is how it stays. We liveunder the ... more
    6 days ago
  • Last Branch Meeting of 2016 and SOCIAL!
    With 2016 coming to an end Bristol IWW are having their last branch meeting on: Friday 9th December at Hydra Books from 7.30 – 8pm. From 8pm we are having a social open to ALL, existing and potential members, so bring your partners, friends, anyone who may be interested in the Wobbly Way! We will be showing some short videos, listening to IWW songs, and generally being Wobbly. There will ... more
    Bristol IWW
    6 days ago
  • Campaigners say “NO” to the Bristol North Somerset and South Gloucestershire STP
    Today, 1 December, campaigners will call upon councillors from across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset (BNSSG) to oppose the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for the area footprint. The plan has been produced in secret without any proper consultation with patients, the public or NHS staff. Bearing in mind the massive changes in the way services are going to be delivered in the future, this is contrary to law and the ... more
    Protect our NHS
    6 days ago
  • Detroit: Future City?
    The US city of Detroit had a population in the region of 1.8 million in the 1950s but automation and the flight of big business, particularly in the automotive industry, led to massive redundancies, foreclosures and the displacement of millions. The population now stands at less than 700,000, the lowest it has been for a century. In the midst of this neo-liberal catastrophe and the associated withdrawal of public services, ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    1 week ago
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