• How to stop cuts the Steve Norman way
    By The Bristol Blogger I first came across Steve Norman in late 2004. Ian Bone, then editor of The Bristolian, called one evening: “You’ve got to meet Steve Norman and Andy Richardson. Top geezers! They’re running a campaign directly with the elderly and learning disabled to save their daycare centres, which are being shut down by the council. “The protests are crazy. You’ve never seen anything like it. ... more
    3 weeks ago
  • URGENT APPEAL: Bristol Zero Tolerance
      Please help us to continue the fight against gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation. Women experience sexual harassment on a daily basis. The recent social media campaign #MeToo highlighted it to be a global issue affecting all women and permeating all social spaces, including our streets and institutions. And in Bristol it is also […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    2 months ago
  • Bristol ABC winter warmer
    ... more
    2 months ago
  • Remembering my father: From the Bavarian workers rising of 1918 to resisting the rise of the Nazis
    1918, Berlin, Germany — A huge crowd turns out for a Communist rally in Berlin. One person holds a large star-shaped placard emblazoned with a hammer and sickle.My talk will draw on my father’s remarkable life in Germany up till 1933. I will use it to illustrate how the Nazis first built on the defeat of the 1918/19 Bavarian workers (and sailors) uprising, a consequence of the war, by the ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    3 months ago
  • After trial statement of D
    It has been evident to me for a long time that war and internal oppression has been the main cause of death and misery among the ordinary people of this World. The Arms Industry is the most profitable of all global industries. Arms manufacturers are dealers in death, reaping vast profits by sacrificing people like you and me, motivated purely by greed. The development of the F-35 jet fighter cost ... more
    Bristol ABC
    3 months ago
  • Catalonia Solidarity Action
    On the 3rd of October Bristol IWW and Marea Granate Bristol held a demonstration in solidarity with the Catalonians facing brutal state repression in light of the general strike and more broadly, the independence referendum. The demo took place on College Green and was attended by 60 people at it’s peak. These were mostly Catalan and Spaniard people resident in Bristol. People told first-hand accounts of what happened, others from ... more
    Bristol IWW
    3 months ago
  • For Prospect: a review of The High Places
    As part of Prospect's look back on the books of the year so far, I reviewed Fiona McFarlane's short story collection, The High Places.Have a read. ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    4 months ago
  • Shamblestories 2017
    “Who wants to be in my band?”  Asks the Singer/Guitarist.  “There’s only one rule: you have to be naked.”“Do you not have to be able to play?”“Well, that’s a bonus, but you definitely have to be naked, that’s the main thing.”“Well, it’s a flip from the normal thing, isn’t it?  Well done you...”An enthusiastic drummer is on board from the start.  During the first song, a ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    5 months ago
  • ‘Refusing To Kill’ – Bristol’s World War 1 Conscientious Objectors
    From Saturday September 9th, the Remembering The Real World War 1 group are presenting an exhibition ‘Refusing To Kill – Bristol’s World War 1 Conscientious Objectors‘ in Bristol Cathedral on College Green. The exhibition will run until early January. Over 350 men from the Bristol area refused to fight in World War 1. They claimed […] ... more
    Real World War One
    5 months ago
  • Is the USA on the way to becoming a fascist dictatorship?
    It is clear from events in Charlottesville, and the way that Trump initially shied away from condemning the fascist terrorist,   that the USA is slowly creeping towards fascism. Trump is showing 10 out of 14 symptoms of real fascism. If he starts closing down the free press, he is within 3 points of qualifying as a bona fide fascist dictator.Will he go all the way? It is hard to believe ... more
    5 months ago