• The Case For No Borders (Discussion Night)
    When: 7pm Tuesday 20th September At: Hydra Books, Old Market Cost: Free/DonationAlt Bristol  &  Facebook After a break for August our monthly discussion nights are back with A Case for No Borders! Whatever your opinion on it migration is an emotive topic. However the cry ‘No Borders!’ is not just an emotive response, it has long been the political stance of many working class organisations. A simple phrase that ... more
    Bristol Anrachist Federation
    2 hours ago
  • Job description for walking & cycling czar – Get Britain Cycling
    So, this is the replacement for Andrew Gillingham. The model has served London well and made a really significant change to the way cycling is viewed in the rest of the country as well.  This role is one we have been calling for since our Bristol Cycling Manifesto in 2013, and again in our Space […] ... more
    Bristol Cycling Campaign
    1 day ago
    It hasn’t taken long for Marvin “The Reverend” Rees to turn into another nasty little Tory Boy RUINING THE LIVES of his low paid council staff so that he can FEATHER THE NESTS of the city’s wealthy elite has it?Less than three months into his ‘REIGN OF ERROR‘ and Marvin has announced that he will need to make 1,000 staff at his council REDUNDANT to “balance the books”. Virtually all ... more
    1 day ago
  • Conversations Overheard In Pubs #629 – Politics And Sport: Plort. Sporlitics.
    Simon:  This is gaunnae be nervy, this wan, Pat.Pat:        Aye, squeaky bum time right enough!S:            Whiddae ye make ay ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    1 day ago
  • For the Heroine Collective: Dolly Wilde
    The latest in my series of Left Bank women for the Heroine Collective is about Dolly Wilde.She was rather fabulous but very, very sad.Have a read. ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    2 days ago
  • The central point about #traingate is this: Crowded trains are unsafe
    The #Traingate spat between Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Branson hovers on the edge of farce, but there is a serious side to it.I count myself among those who do not give a fart  whether or not there were empty seats available before JC sat on the floor.The central fact is this: crowded trains are unsafe.If the aisles are packed with standing people and the driver has to make an emergency stop, ... more
    3 days ago
  • Early Years Funding: Changes to funding for 3 and 4 year olds
    Read their proposals and visit the survey site here. ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    3 days ago
  • Merseyside Anti-Fascist Jailed
    Michelle Smith is an antifascist from Merseyside, who was sentenced to 12 months in prison on the 12th of July for resisting a fascist presence in Dover on January 30, 2016. Michelle is passionate in her beliefs and in standing up for the rights of people to live without fear of racist attacks. Michelle has never been violent, she has remained dignified even when these thugs have repeatedly threatened her ... more
    Bristol ABC
    4 days ago
  • 1000 Jobs To Be Cut At Bristol City Council
    Marvin Rees (right) - Labour mayor doing the bidding of Tory chancellors past and present  TUSC calls on Marvin Rees to reverse decision and fight for necessary fundingBristol Labour mayor Marvin Rees has announced the cutting of 1000 jobs from Bristol City Council, almost 1 in 6 of the workforce. This is part of a package of £43m cuts, additional cuts of some £60m planned by Rees over the next ... more
    Bristol Socialism
    4 days ago
  • Bees
    Have you noticed the absence of environmental issues in the media whenever there are big party political struggles, as currently in the UK, or where capitalist profits are at stake? The public visible world concerns economic growth or lack of it, interest rates, proposed burka bans, migration, terrorist attacks, the Olympics, the intentions of China or Russia. All these issues are connected, yet the connections are made invisible. The lack of context  increases our ... more
    Caroline New
    7 days ago



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