• People power sees the band play on in Arequipa
    A small display of people power occurred in the main plaza of Arequipa (Peru’s second city) today when security tried to shut down a band that had set up in front of the city’s looming catholic cathedral. Members of the band gestured to the watching crowd of 200+ people for support, and got it – cheers, shouts & claps were accompanied by a number of folks moving in to film ... more
    Zero to thirty three
    18 hours ago
    YE DAMNED CHRONICLES OF SCAMALOT, BOOK FIVEVerses 17-21: Ye Sorcerer Coven of Empica and their labours xvii. The whistleblowing of Property Guardian Company CAMELOT’s neglect and intimidation, and their public exposure as money-grabbing slum lords, hath led it to employ a PR coven of dark side mages under the shunned name of Empica, a sorcerous circle of fiends that issueth every full moon with their train of bats and wolves ... more
    20 hours ago
  • Wikipediaphile: Gadsden flag
    Today whilst revving up the ol’ Tweetdeck for the first time in ages to see wagwan with the global agin-Trump stuff, I spotted an RT by always reliably interesting MD twitterer Jen Gunter: Spotted near Women's March: Shirts with the Gadsden snake twisted into a uterus — Ashley Killough (@KilloughCNN) January 21, 2017 What’s this ‘Gadsden snake’ thing? thought I. Well… The Gadsden flag is ... more
    24 hours ago
  • Lines on the inauguration of Donald Trump
    The USA has had a dump And dropped upon the world a lumpOf self regarding vanity-The Leadership of Donald Trump.Some hope he's just a harmless chumpBut reason fears we'll hear the crumpOf shells and bombs; calamityOf conflict caused by Donald Trump. 'Says Washington's a filthy sump;He says he's going to drain the swamp.But reason says he'll swamp the drainWith effluents from Donald Trump.Lawyers will form a solid clump Around the doors of Donald ... more
    2 days ago
  • LaLaLa Reviewland
    La La What is Art?It’s a biiiig, oooool’SONG! AND! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!A!A!A!N!C!E! Number, with loads of people.(At the start.  And then not at all after that.  It’s just to set the scene.)Art (and, particularly, performedart) is the only area of life where you can get away with being irascible, erratic, an asshole to colleagues and customers, unreliable and self-destructive – and still be respected and admired, if you’re “a genius”, or different ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    2 days ago
  • January Newsletter for Bristol IWW
    Dear member and supporters of Bristol IWW, hello! Hope January is treating you well… We had our first Branch Meeting last week. We had updates on our current campaigns and other projects, and had a good discussion on how to increase participation and involment in the union, including meetings. There is a new thread on Loomio – the online platform we use to discuss outside meetings – which has had ... more
    Bristol IWW
    3 days ago
  • Oh no! Not another post about street harassment.
    Yes, another post about street harassment, because sometimes when it happens you need to write it out. This year I decided to start ballet again after a long hiatus. It was my second class and the teacher told me I should come along to the intermediate class as well as the beginners. I was feeling buoyant. I was so happy! I’d found myself as a dancer again, and, damn it, I ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    4 days ago
  • The Dings and World War One
    Bethesda Methodist Church, 138a Church Road, Redfield, Bristol, BS5 9HH An illustrated talk by Geoff Woolfe  author of The Bristol Deserter on the life and times of Arthur and Alfred Jefferies, both of whom were born in St Philips and lived in the Dings. Both fell as victims of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Arthur was killed in action in Geuedecourt on September 16th 1916. Alfred was shot ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    1 week ago
  • January blues about the #NHScrisis? Keep the fight going!
    It is easy this month to have the January blues particularly when seeing all the bad news in the press about the NHS. Everyday I wake up and read another depressing and distressing story about the destruction being wreaked upon health services by this government and the demoralisation of dedicated staff in the face of this onslaught. But at heart I remain an optimist despite everything. And in 2016 it ... more
    Protect our NHS
    2 weeks ago
  • Bristol Arms Walk
     Filed under: Uncategorized ... more
    Bristol against the arms trade
    2 weeks ago
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