• Rattle Bap
    For those who don’t know, a Battle Rap is a verbal joust in which competitors try to best each other with clever put-downs, boasts and wordplay.  This is delivered in rhyme and usually has the familiar rhythmic patterns of rap music, although it is not always accompanied by music.  It is decided either by the crowd in attendance, and/or by the duly appointed judge/s.(Rattle Bap is a pun on Battle ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    1 day ago
  • Updates from comrades in Eastern Europe
    Update from Antifenix, the movement fighting repression and Operation Fenix:…/ New accusations: Fenix 2 is spinning up It was quite clear, that releasing Lukáš Borl from the prison doesn’t mean the end of another continuing of Fenix operation. More precisely Fenix 2 (The case of Lukas Borl). One of the charges brought against Lukáš is establishing, supporting and spreading a movement leading to suppressing human rights and ... more
    Bristol ABC
    2 days ago
  • Global warming: a clear mandate needed!
    Recently we had a ‘snap’ election in the UK. Prime Minister Theresa May wanted a mandate for a ‘hard’ exit from the European Union. She was left with egg on her face, and no mandate. But what does ‘having a mandate’ mean?  If you ask someone a question to which they can only reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (like the Brexit referendum), or if you offer them a choice between ... more
    Caroline New
    3 days ago
  • Cancel the CONtract civil disobedience – GCC
    TARGET REACHED! LETS MAKE IT BIGGER! I pledge to join at least 5 other people in peaceful acts of civil disobedience aimed at highlighting the madness of Gloucestershire County Councils decision to build an incinerator. Now we have seen the contract, this is clearly a waste of money, as well as an environmental catastrophe. Having tried everything else, we must resort to peaceful civil disobedience to be heard.  #CancelTheContract  #WeSaidNoIncinerator #RisingUp We'd ... more
    Rising Up
    3 days ago
  • A quick, personal reflection on health and safety
    One of the stories I grew up with as a kid was the story of when my granddad’s friend died. It was a ghost story – or that’s how it was told when we were kids. A premonition by my spiritualist great-nana. The story was this. My granddad had a job on the steelworks in Shotton. He and his friend were sat side-by-side, eating their lunch. A load of steel fell from a ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    3 days ago
  • Bookfair stall application
    It’s 2017 and the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective has new collective members, a new venue, a new date and some new ideas. As well as all the usual exciting features of the bookfair such as the amazing range of radical literature and the networking opportunities, this year there is going to be a particular emphasis on workshops and discussions. In order to provide good space for workshops and to prevent ... more
    Bristol anarchist bookfair
    5 days ago
  • Edward Colston Research Paper #2
    Figure 1: Seal of the Royal African Company showing the motto of the business: Regio floret patricionio cium, commercioque regum [By Royal patronage trade flourishes, by trade the realm]Introduction This research article is an examination of the Royal African Company (RAC) and the role of Edward Colston (b. 1636 d. 1721) within the organisation as both an investor and executive. It is unsurprising that this history has not been previously ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    7 days ago
  • Grenfell: Big Anger or Big Reforms?
    We are all angry over the Grenfell Tower fire, but the anger of those who lost loved ones, friends and neighbours is naturally at very high levels.  The energy of anger needs to be channeled, otherwise it turns to destructive behaviour. Many of us were relieved that there were no riots in London last night. Riots are the last thing we need, because riots cause fires, and more fire deaths ... more
    7 days ago
  • Roundly assessing the value of local services & facilities
    There has been commendable campaigning once again in Knowle, by the local community and its councillors, to save the local swimming pool (Jubilee). This includes a petition with thousands of signatures, shortly to be debated by the council. Apparently the pool is safe for the next five years as a contract for that period has been negotiated (see here). Taking a decision to close the pool on narrow, purely financial grounds would not be an ... more
    Sustainable Cities
    1 week ago
  • Calling Women Artists!
    Bristol Women’s Voice is commissioning local women artists to produce designs for a series of commemorative mugs we are producing to celebrate the centenary of women’s suffrage in 2018. We are aiming for a diverse selection of images and styles and expect them to be sold widely across Bristol. Bristol Women’s Voice is a charity […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    1 week ago



Today at the Cube:

  • Daughters of the Dust
    25/06/2017 18:00Lovingly restored for its 25th anniversary, Julie Dash’s luminous masterpiece Daughters of the Dust (1991) is a bold, stylish and evocative... Read more »