German Government Shuts Down Indymedia- What It Means and What to Do

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    A pleasant surprise for protestors who took themselves to St Stephen’s Church on the Centre yesterday for COLSTON DAY. This is the day when the city’s sad old white men with too much money and no functioning conscience pursue their CULT OF COLSTON by donning fancy dress and parading through Bristol before attending a church to hear sermon from a hired vicar heaping praise and warm words on mass murderer Edward Colston. ... more
    1 week ago
  • After trial statement of D
    It has been evident to me for a long time that war and internal oppression has been the main cause of death and misery among the ordinary people of this World. The Arms Industry is the most profitable of all global industries. Arms manufacturers are dealers in death, reaping vast profits by sacrificing people like you and me, motivated purely by greed. The development of the F-35 jet fighter cost ... more
    Bristol ABC
    4 weeks ago
  • ‘This Evil Thing’
    Come to see this widely acclaimed one-man play about World War 1 conscientious objectors When: FRIDAY 27th OCTOBER, 19.00-21.00 (Doors Open 18.30)Where: BRISTOL CATHEDRAL, COLLEGE GREEN, BS1 5TJPresented by REMEMBERING THE REAL WORLD WAR 1 to accompany the REFUSING TO KILL exhibition Seats are limited and must be booked. Tickets £5 (plus small booking fee) – January 1916. Bertrand Russell is one of the greatest mathematicians of his time. ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    1 month ago
  • Burmese punks at Kebele this Sunday!
    My Buddha is Punk‘ (doc, 2015, approx 1hour) – follows Kyaw Kyaw, a 25-year-old Burmese Punk, as he obsessively tries to develop the Punk scene in Myanmar. Although the former military dictatorship has experienced a number of democratic reforms, Kyaw Kyaw remains skeptical. In his view, his country has not changed yet. Together with his Punk band ‘The Rebel Riot‘, Kyaw Kyaw raises awareness for the continuing violation of ... more
    1 month ago
  • Catalonia Solidarity Action
    On the 3rd of October Bristol IWW and Marea Granate Bristol held a demonstration in solidarity with the Catalonians facing brutal state repression in light of the general strike and more broadly, the independence referendum. The demo took place on College Green and was attended by 60 people at it’s peak. These were mostly Catalan and Spaniard people resident in Bristol. People told first-hand accounts of what happened, others from ... more
    Bristol IWW
    2 months ago
  • Voice and Influence Consultation
    The Council are asking for the views of individuals, communities and organisations that experience social and economic disadvantage and inequality to help inform how they allocate the £392,000 from the Bristol Impact Fund to support voice and influence in the city. They want to hear what factors you think the new service needs to address so thy […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    3 months ago
  • Is the natural variation of climate correlated with solar cycles? And is the future cool?
    Global climate is the result of these five variables: Solar variation,  ocean currents, volcanoes, aerosols (i.e. the amount of tiny dust particles in the atmosphere), and finally the greenhouse effect, which is the only variable that humanity has changed and can change.The favourite argument of the climate change deniers at the moment is this "It is all due to natural variation and climate cycles. Climate always has changed, always will ... more
    4 months ago
  • Artist in residence at Wales Arts Review
    It's the 1st July which means my month-long residency at Wales Arts Review has begun!I'll upload all the links to this one post so as not to have a bazillion separate posts on the blog throughout the month.The work I'm producing for the residency explores issues of home, travel, migration and the refugee crisis. I'll also be sharing snippets from a WIP that explores the refugee crises in 2016 and ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    4 months ago
  • So far this month, I have…
    Seen a heron right up close.Been to Tintern Abbey for the first time in many years.  Considered legal action.Considered whether to continue making music, given that I would definitely rather not be a social media content provider, marketing agent, publicist, booker, ticket agent, plugger, writer, runner, chauffeur, caterer, engineer or any of the other things deemed essential for musicians to do before spending any time making music, in this place/time where ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    4 months ago