IN THE MATTER OF: THE ENVIRONMENTAL PERMITTING REGULATIONS(ENGLAND AND WALES) 2016 AND AN APPEAL BY DAY GROUP LIMITED AGAINST THE REFUSAL OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT FOR AN INSTALLATION TO TREAT INCINERATOR BOTTOM ASH AT AVONMOUTH, BRISTOL ___________________________________________________________________________ CLOSING STATEMENT OF IAN ROBINSON ___________________________________________________________________________   Sir, I would like to open the closure of my arguments at this inquiry by reaffirming my desire or if preferred, my wish or wishes for ... more
    2 weeks ago
  • Antifa talk: The history and strategies of antifa in Germany
    The rise of fascist movements and parties all over Europe has once again made it clear: organised antifascist resistance is necessary. In order to successfully intervene and stop fascism from spreading, it is useful to take a look at the different experiences built from movements in other countries, particularly the history of the Antifa movement which originally started in 1930’s Germany. The speaker, who is a member of the ... more
    1 month ago
  • How to stop a war: The German servicemen’s revolt of 1918
    Armed soldiers and sailors during the German revolution01 Dec 1918, Berlin, Germany — Sparticists carry the red flag through the streets of Berlin in their call for a revolution and the establishment of a socialist republicThe German revolution of 1918-20 and its violent suppression is a little known event in the British popular memory. Where it is described the narrative typically commences with the mutiny of sailors from the German ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    2 months ago
  • After trial statement of D
    It has been evident to me for a long time that war and internal oppression has been the main cause of death and misery among the ordinary people of this World. The Arms Industry is the most profitable of all global industries. Arms manufacturers are dealers in death, reaping vast profits by sacrificing people like you and me, motivated purely by greed. The development of the F-35 jet fighter cost ... more
    Bristol ABC
    2 months ago
  • Catalonia Solidarity Action
    On the 3rd of October Bristol IWW and Marea Granate Bristol held a demonstration in solidarity with the Catalonians facing brutal state repression in light of the general strike and more broadly, the independence referendum. The demo took place on College Green and was attended by 60 people at it’s peak. These were mostly Catalan and Spaniard people resident in Bristol. People told first-hand accounts of what happened, others from ... more
    Bristol IWW
    2 months ago
  • Our AGM is on 18th October!
    Bristol Women’s Voice invites all members to our Annual General Meeting. The evening will include a round table discussion, a look at our future events, music from a Capella group Pitch Fight, and a Q&A session with guest Dr Helen Pankhurst. Refreshments will be provided on the night. This is a free event and is only open to signed-up members […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    3 months ago
  • For Prospect: a review of The High Places
    As part of Prospect's look back on the books of the year so far, I reviewed Fiona McFarlane's short story collection, The High Places.Have a read. ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    4 months ago
  • Sorry, G
    Dear G,Thank you for your e-mail.This isn’t the first time my big letter-writing pen has got me in trouble.  However, this is the first contrite e-mail I’ve sent in a while, so forgive me if I go off-topic.When I was a cheeky wee boy, people often laughed at things I said, and I often didn’t know why.  When I tried to make jokes, I sometimes offended people by saying things ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    4 months ago
  • Is the natural variation of climate correlated with solar cycles? And is the future cool?
    Global climate is the result of these five variables: Solar variation,  ocean currents, volcanoes, aerosols (i.e. the amount of tiny dust particles in the atmosphere), and finally the greenhouse effect, which is the only variable that humanity has changed and can change.The favourite argument of the climate change deniers at the moment is this "It is all due to natural variation and climate cycles. Climate always has changed, always will ... more
    5 months ago