• Arrest of Italian anarchist Divine Umoru
    (Reposted from Contrainfo) On August the 2nd 2016 the Italian police stormed the house of anarchist Divine Umoru in the city of Bologna arresting him under the accusation of possessing explosive materials for fabricating bombs. The comrade was first send to the prison of Bologna and then transferred to the high security section AS 2 of the prison of Ferrara, staying in isolation and without being able to ... more
    Bristol ABC
    7 hours ago
  • The junior doctors strike has been called off. What shall we do instead?
    The ProblemAs a doctor I am fully and passionately behind the junior doctors in their dispute with the indisputably awful Jeremy Hunt, who is trying to impose a contract on them that penalises doctors who work part time.Hunt's contract will have a negative impact on those working less than full time, a majority of whom are women, and also on junior doctors working the most weekends, typically in specialities where there is ... more
    15 hours ago
  • ‘The Good Immigrant’ at Bristol Festival of Ideas: A review by Jessica Wright
    On September 22nd the much-anticipated anthology of 15 essays by British black, Asian and minority ethnic contributors, The Good Immigrant, was released. The following day author Nikesh Shukla kicked off a series of promotional events, beginning with a talk in Bristol as part of the Festival of Ideas. Shukla was accompanied by contributors Himesh Patel […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    15 hours ago
  • Resolve, resilience and repairs! Win report!
    “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”Well, this win has been a long time coming and a lot of solid work has made it a victory we can be very proud of. We are well pleased to announce that all the repairs demanded have been finished for an Easton based family who contacted us in November 2014 after seeing one of our posters. Not only have they won their ... more
    Bristol Solidarity Network
    16 hours ago
  • Cycle plans around Prince Street include pedestrianisation
    Good to see Bristol 24/7 keeping the issue of the future of Prince Street Bridge in the spotlight. Nothing new here however, beyond the consultation over the summer about the protected cycle route. Our view was that the proposed 3m wide two way route wasn’t wide enough, that it gave up at the centre, and […] ... more
    Bristol Cycling Campaign
    2 days ago
  • Resisting the War: Deserters, Conchies and Mutineers
    An afternoon of talks featuring more hidden stories of World War 1, some local and some further afield Date: Saturday 15th October, 2016 Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm Venue: Central Friends Meeting House, Champion Square, St Judes, Bristol, BS2 9DB Price: Donation Speakers: Julian Putkowski, Lois Bibbings, People’s Histreh The stereotype of World War 1 soldiers […] ... more
    Real World War One
    3 days ago
  • #Soil 
    This pic of healthy soil was taken on Holt Farm, the Yeo Valley organic farm that provides some of the milk used for its organic yogurt. (The rest of the milk comes from organic milk cooperative, OMSCo).  The farm – where Yeo’s Mary and Roger Mead first started farming in the 1970s – was converted to organic management in 2009.   Damaged by non-organic methods, the soil used to flood in ... more
    Real Food Lover
    4 days ago
  • Standing Rock Camp and the Dakota Access Pipeline
    An indigenous activist from ‘Idle No More’, the movement started by three First Nations women and one non-native ally in Canada.The threat from climate change to human existence and wellbeing is even more urgent than we thought, argues an article in New Republic. Data from a Norwegian energy consultant, Rystad (and they’ll sell you the details for a mere $54,000) shows that to have even a two thirds chance of staying ... more
    Caroline New
    5 days ago
  • Deserters, Conchies and Mutineers
    Ringleaders and Reds in Khaki – British Army mutinies during the First World WarBritish Military historians and assorted flag-wavers celebrate the enthusiastic rush to the colours; the ensuing blood sacrifice of British Tommies, White Dominion troops and (belatedly) colonial formations and even military labourers. The stereotype of soldiers dutifully marching to their deaths was always a conservative mirage but only a handful of books have drawn attention to the hundreds ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    6 days ago
  • TV Review: The Overt Democratic Pink Scare
    Those pesky commie pinko swines are up to their old tricks again.  Looks like another job for the Investigative Journalist Superheroes from Channel 4…Thank God we’ve got them on the case, keeping the world safe from grassroots, working-class political organising.  Or we’d be in real trouble.Their latest brilliant expose came in the Dispatches programme on Monday night, which effectively dissected the underhand tactics used by Labour Party members to control ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    6 days ago



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  • Julieta
    29/09/2016 19:00Almódovar is back dealing with the subject matter he loves best – women. A sombre, ravishing study of grief, guilt and... Read more »
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