• Really good documentary films online for free
    Recently I had a Twitter exchange with Dorian Cope on the topic of documentaries on YouTube. She recommended some really good ones (listed below), including The Leonard Peltier Story, which I knew as Incident At Oglala. By Michael Apted (he of The World Is Not Enough Bond fame, as well as the Up series of documentaries), Incident At Oglala is a righteous retelling of the story of the American Indian Movement ... more
    6 hours ago
  • #MarParaBolivia – Bolivia’s Day for the Sea is on 23 March!
    Bolivian nationalism is being whipped up ahead of the national ‘Day for the Sea’ this Thursday, led by the hashtags #ElMarNosUne & #MarParaBolivia and slogans such as ‘Bolivia Nacio Con El Mar’ (Bolivia was born with the sea) and ‘Los Bolivianos Tenemos Derecho Al Mar’ (Bolivians have a right to the sea). They want back the coastline they lost in 1879-83 to Chile in the War of the Pacific, and ... more
    Zero to thirty three
    11 hours ago
  • Kurdish/Syria Solidarity night
    Tonight is an evening to find out more about the situation in Northern Syria and the region that the Kurdish groups and those that support them call Rojava. We are going to show two films and have some speakers discussing and facilitating a discussion about supporting the situation in Rojava and what we can do in Bristol and the wider UK to raise awareness and support the struggle for an autonomous ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    2 days ago
  • March 4th Bristol action report
    On Saturday 4th March we saw another fantastic example of grass roots community anti fascism when the Hitler loving Pie and Mash squad and various assorted racists and fascists from around the UK as well the South West Imbeciles descended on Bristol to “pay tribute” to local scumbag and football hooligan Kevin “Bunny” Crehan who died in prison in late 2016. We’re no fans of the prison system but ... more
    Bristol Anti Fascists
    2 days ago
    THIRTY Bristol City Council bosses – all members of the ‘Change Board’, responsible for overseeing a council-wide cuts programme – deliberately withheld from councillors and the public a £30 million LOSS in the 2016 – 17 financial year. Their actions – at the very least – are GROSS MISCONDUCT and they should all be SACKED. Not least because while they were keeping their huge financial loss from us, they were ... more
    2 days ago
  • Bristol named worst place to live due to yet another best place to live award
    How to turn violent rebellion into a marketing tactic in just six short years Across the city today Bristolians woke up to the latest barrage of ‘journalism’ about how great their city was.   Any initial pride that was felt back in say, 2013, has been replaced by resigned groans and the question: best place to live for who exactly?. ‘I guess there are lots of those exciting redevelopments‘ said one ... more
    Bristol Anrachist Federation
    2 days ago
  • [Spanish State]: Communiqué from anarchists Mónica Cabellero and Francisco Solar
    (These words arrived with a delay due to the restrictive communications of the Spanish extermination centers. On March 7th, 2017 Mónica and Francisco were finally released to Chile, where they were greeted with a great deal of media and repressive threats. Finally today, they have returned to the street with their dignity intact.) Affinity and Solidarity against victimization and authority In the struggle to break with the establishment we look ... more
    Bristol ABC
    4 days ago
    “It’s the unconscious mind. We’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves.” – Dr. Sam Loomis, Halloween II A visit to Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter – the RWA exhibition that celebrates the life, work and influences of the idiosyncratic writer 25 years after her death – is a profound experience. Provocative. Stimulating. […] ... more
    Bristol Womens Voice
    5 days ago
  • The Lost Art Of Letter-Writing Vol. XXLI (Dear Virgin Media Pt. II)
    From:Currys <>Sent: 09 January 2017 21:10To: blizxxxx@xmail.comSubject: About your SEIKI SE32HD07UK 32" LED TV purchase          in partnership with       Would you recommend this product?     We invite you to write a review on the SEIKI SE32HD07UK 32" LED TV you purchased from Currys on ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    5 days ago
  • Cooks Needed
    We’re looking for more cooks for our vegan cafe on Sundays. It’s more fun than you’d think and really rewarding to cook for such a big crowd! Plus there’s a free meal in it! Email if you can help! Dinner one Sunday in the spring… ... more
    1 week ago



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