• Weston s Mare election Hustings – fracking
    There is an election hustings in Weston College (Knightstone) tonight, 7pm. I have put in a question on malnutrition already, so this one is going spare for anyone who is going:Fracking licenses have been granted in our area. Fracking causes serious pollution of ground water and air, and has been connected with health effects in animals and humans. Fracking causes earthquakes, yet despite this it has been licensed in the ... more
    54 mins ago
  • The Lost Art Of Letter Writing Vol. III
    Subject:  A thank you, for the beauty of sound and word, that you have givenMonday, 31 October, 2016 13:54 Dear Clayton,I moved to the Scottish Borders with my pregnant wife at the end of 2014, Angus J---- W----- was born May 2015, and life has not been the same since. I gave up work at the end of last year to look after Angus. Mary out earns me, and I was ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    3 hours ago
  • Back up the Andes – to Ayacucho for some Wari culture and post-civil war enquiry
    So enough of this mucking about at sea level and enjoying hot weather on beaches, it’s back up the mountains for a while for us. This time to the Ayacucho region in the south central Andes of Peru, an area steeped in Andean history for the last 2000 years, with a rebellious reputation that has endured. The history of the Wari (or Huari) culture intrigues because of its influence on ... more
    Zero to thirty three
    24 hours ago
    Emergency summits in London, failed evictions at Speedwell Fast on the heels of Property Guardian Company CAMELOT’s unfolding disaster where two of their ‘guardians’ successfully WON a case at Bristol County Court that established them with tenants’ rights, and accompanied by further peasants’ revolts at four Scamalot-run properties (three in Bristol, one in London), The BRISTOLIAN has learned that an emergency meeting was convened in London, with Scamalot’s CEO Joost ... more
    2 days ago
  • Manchester Bombing – Unite Against Terror, War and Racism
    Socialist Party statement on the Manchester bombing - by Judy Beishon, Socialist Party executive committeeYoung people out enjoying themselves were instead faced with one of the worst kinds of horror imaginable on 22 May when a bomb was exploded in the foyer of the 21,000-capacity Manchester Arena. Twenty two people were killed and at least 59 injured by this blast at the end of a concert by US singer Ariana Grande.This atrocity, ... more
    Bristol Socialism
    2 days ago
  • Metford Road Community Orchard Open Day
    Metford Road Community Orchard is a small organic orchard based on permaculture principles. It will be open on Saturday 17th June, 12noon – 5pm, as part of North Bristol Get Growing Summer Open Days. With a stream at the bottom and numerous ponds, the orchard is teeming with wildlife in the summer. It has a compost loo and custom built gazebo-style oak shelter. There will be guided tours, tea and ... more
    Sustainable redland
    5 days ago
  • #GE2017 Information about #NHS under the Tories. Now for the Action to get them out. Spread the word street-by-street
    10 Things You Can Do To Help Stop NHS Privatisation Bristol Protect Our NHS campaigners with Use Your Vote to Save the NHS t-shirts At Bristol’s public meeting – Saving the NHS from Trump & May – held on 18 May, attendees were told 10 practical things they could do to stop NHS privatisation, both before and after the election. We thought we’d share this for the use of others ... more
    Protect our NHS
    6 days ago
  • April/May Newsletter for Bristol IWW
    WISERA conference 2017. Something like this but with fewer fancy hats. – Dear members and supporters of Bristol IWW, As we move into the summer months much of our attention is naturally drawn to the annual conference for the WISERA section of the IWW but before I get into that, here’s some of the other things we got up to. On the 16th of April we joined Bristol Radical History Group ... more
    Bristol IWW
    7 days ago
  • For the Guardian: A moment that changed me
    I wrote an essay for the Guardian series A Moment That Changed Me.It's about the experience of moving in on my own.Have a read. ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    1 week ago
  • Fighting Isis and Patriarchy
    An evening of films about the Kurdish women soldiers fighting ISIS in northern Syria and Iraq; fighting not only for the protection of their communities but also for women’s liberation. Screening of ‘Kurdistan: Women at War’ and ‘YPJ’. Plus speaker from the Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network. Organised by Truthout Cinema and Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network.   Truthout Cinema screening of films about women’s resistance in Syrian Kurdistan.    Save The ... more
    Bristol Radical History Group
    1 week ago



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