• Alas, poor (performance from) Corbyn
    Alas, Poor Labour. Bye-election results: Copeland gone. That's Corbyn's fault. Nuttall kicked in the nuts. That's nothing to do with Corbyn.It is true that the media does not give Corbyn a fair hearing. But it is also true that he is a poor performer on the media. His delivery lacks sparkle, to say the least. His media strategy is to deliver a list (the longer the better) of problems that ... more
    2 days ago
    Number four on the Rev Rees’s list of ‘Our seven commitments to you…’ contained in his expansive and farcical ELECTION MANIFESTO of around 168 proposals was “WE WILL PROTECT CHILDREN’S CENTRES”. So what’s this we find hidden away as proposal number 97, aiming to save a cool £1.5m, in the ‘Saving propositions recommended for approval’ document the Rev’s PERSONALLY signed off to balance his Tory budget? “Reshape Children’s Centres’ ... more
    2 days ago
  • The Lost Art Of Letter-Writing Vol. XXL
    From: Blizzard 1 <>Sent: 03 December 2016 10:53To: Virgin MediaSubject: Alas and Alack! Dear Virgin Media*,*(I trust you will forgive the impersonal moniker; as is the way of these things, we do not know what person will be reading this.  Nevertheless, I will be delighted to make your (virtual) acquaintance)I received, with thanks, your delivery – on Monday 28.11.16.  I am now enjoying the digital TV package.  Lovely stuff.  I ... more
    Clayton Blizzard
    3 days ago
  • Hello world!
    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! ... more
    Bristol Radical Film Festival
    3 days ago
  • #Bristol coaches to #OurNHS demonstration 4th March
    TICKET INFORMATION COACHES FROM BRISTOL – tickets going fast! Coach tickets from Bristol can either be booked via Unison or UNITE Trade Unions (non-members welcome) Unison Area Health Branch Tel: 07813142832 UNITE Bristol Area Health Branch Tel: 07983233908 (UNITE and Unison both free for members with a £5 returnable deposit or £10 charge for non-members) or Bristol People’s Assembly at a cost of £6/£10 at: Coach pick up ... more
    Protect our NHS
    4 days ago
  • Council Security BITE Anti-Cuts Protester
    Bristol City Council Block Entry to Public as They Vote For £33m CutsBristol mayor Marvin Rees addressed the Bristol City Council budget meeting yesterday, claiming “transparency is a key commitment”. Minutes later the public gallery was cleared by security staff, leaving councillors to discuss the city’s budget behind closed doors. In an unprecedented move members of the public were then cleared from City Hall altogether.Unaccountable private security staff were again ... more
    Bristol Socialism
    4 days ago
  • After #21F in La Paz (Bolivia), Morales and MAS have a crisis
    satire or dream? Tuesday 21 February, #21F, or ‘#21FDia de la Mentira’ (Day of the Lies), in La Paz, showed clearly the massive problems faced by President Evo Morales & his MAS movement if they continue to deny that they lost last years Referendum on the Constitution, when they tried to amend Article 168 to enable Morales to run for a further Presidential term in 2019. This is now a ... more
    Zero to thirty three
    4 days ago
  • Bristol Anarchist Zine Fair 2017
    Info coming soon, but the date is 13th may so get it in your diary! ... more
    Bristol anarchist bookfair
    5 days ago
  • Amnesty International asked about online abuse. Here’s what I had to say.
    Amnesty International put a call out on Twitter asking women about their experiences of online abuse. Here's what I sent to them...The incident I reported to the police happened on Facebook. I'd been involved in a campaign around the normalisation of sexual objectification in Bristol, which had attracted a lot of local press attention. I was the spokesperson so was very visible. Things built up and eventually a young man ... more
    Sian Crooked Rib
    1 week ago
  • Sunday 18th February, Smash IPP infonight!
    As anarchists, we often have aims that seem unachieveable. A truly peaceful and democratic society? Maybe not in my lifetime. But sometimes there are differences that we can make. So if you’re tired of fighting uphill battles, Smash IPP has an idea for you. Thousands of people are serving IPP sentences with no release dates in UK jails. The law that put them inside indefinitely has been abolished, but they’re ... more
    Bristol ABC
    1 week ago



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  • Jackie
    27/02/2017 20:00Pablo Larraín’s first English-language film is a bolt from the blue, a fugue-like study of Jackie Kennedy, brilliantly acted by Natalie... Read more »
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